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Who gets benefit from using Jobs Search Detective

Why JSD is an optimal solution for job generation automation on Upwork?

Frequently asked questions

  • When you buy your monthly subscription

    For one part of this money, you buy access to JSD

    You get the second part of this money to your balance, and they are used to charge for using the filters

  • Filter - a system of search and analysis configuration for a specific type of job

    JSD use these filters to search for relevant jobs, analyze them and find relevancy.

  • JSD uses 4 step approach

    1 Step - concentrate on tuning the filter system, and choosing an analysis approach

    2 Step - a search performed by JSD 24/7 based on your filter preferences.

    3 Step - an analysis of gathered jobs where JSD considers how big of a priority every job is

    4 Step - Notification of the user

  • No, the process of using JSD does not require any specific personal information, access to your Upwork account, or creating a proxy!

    Those are actions prohibited by Upwork's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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