JSD Upwork Tool

On this page:

  • How does JSD Upwork Tool works?
  • Who is JSD for?
  • What role does JSD play in the sales system?
  • Why is JSD the optimal solution for generating jobs on Upwork?

How does it work?

JSD utilizes a 3-step approach:

  • Stage 1 – Setting up the filter system
  • Stage 2 – Analyzing the Upwork market
  • Stage 3 – Notifications about job postings

Stage 1

Focused on building and configuring a filter system that covers your niches, as well as choosing an approach to analyzing target jobs.

This is how the setup looks in the JSD interface:

Stage 2

JSD analyzes the Upwork market with customized filters 24/7 and determines how important each job is to you.

Stage 3

JSD notifies you about the publication of the desired work using the Telegram bot or members of the Telegram group.

Why is JSD the Optimal Solution for Generating Jobs on Upwork?

Instant Job Notifications

Receive notifications about new job postings on Upwork within 3 minutes of their publication.

Increased Productivity

JSD frees up time for more important tasks, saving 30-60% of lead generation work time.

Access to a Larger Number of Jobs

Unlike Upwork's RSS feed, JSD scans all available jobs, providing more opportunities to find work.

Competition for First Impressions

Our research shows that clients begin to review proposals as soon as they see the notification, within the first hour after a job is posted.

Advanced Job Search and Analysis

JSD's technical capabilities allow for flexible search and analysis based on a system of including and excluding desired parameters and unique JSD features.

  • Search for only verified clients
  • Set a minimum client rating
  • Set search ranges for Fixed Price
  • Advanced price range analysis
  • A system for sorting works by priority