Upwork Niche Research

Disclaimer: Data contained in this example is not based on statistically valid sample, and is made solely for the purpose of demonstrating the end product.

Key Quantitative Niche Indicators

What is it? This section of the research aims to establish client segmentation based on data and determine the market size within each niche. This information develops a network of precise JSD job search filters, covering all necessary aspects.

Target Clients Geographical Distribution

What is it? The following pie charts demonstrate the geographic distribution of target clients in each niche.

Clients Industry Distribution

What is it? Each pie chart shows the distribution of client companies' industries within each niche.

Key Financial Indicators

What is it? This part of the research aims to analyze the financial history and current situation of each niche.
The information presented enables the development of a pricing strategy, determination of capital capacity, and prediction of the stability of each niche. Additionally, we use this data to configure JSD job search filters according to the current market situation.

Hourly Rate Dynamics

What is it? Shows a retrospective of each niche's financial stability and demand, and serves as a tool for strategic prediction.

Back-End Development

CMS Development

Front-End Development

Full Stack Development

Hourly Rate Ranges

What is it? Provides you with the ability for data-driven segmentation of Hourly Price ranges.

Job Type< 5$/hr5-10$/hr10-25$/hr25-50$/hr50-100$/hr100-200$/hr
Full Stack Development4.76%9.96%34.63%40.26%9.09%1.3%
Front-End Development1.43%20.0%45.71%28.57%4.29%0.0%
CMS Development2.78%16.67%44.44%33.33%2.78%0.0%
Back-End Development3.77%5.66%39.62%35.85%13.21%1.89%

Fix Price Cost Ranges

What is it? Provides you with the ability for data-driven segmentation of Fix Price ranges.

Payment Model Proportion

What is it? Serve to understand financial model proportion in each niche.

NicheFixed PriceHourly PriceZero Price
Full Stack Development59.76%31.36%8.88%
Front-End Development56.79%22.22%20.99%
CMS Development60.43%25.18%14.39%
Back-End Development55.29%26.24%18.47%

Customer Behaviour

What is it? This series of studies is designed to identify the behavior patterns of target customers, determine the optimal time for interaction, and build a lead generation and sales strategy. It serves as an informational base to fine-tune your lead generation processes, such as identifying prioritized days and times for lead generation activities that yield maximum conversion results.

Sales Cycle Time & Success Probability

What is it? Designed to evaluate the average time of the sales cycle in each niche, as well as to provide hire probability statistics.
Strategically important for understanding the current market environment.

NicheAverage time of job closureAverage total applicantsInvited for interviewHired
Full Stack Development 18 hours 26 minutes 10.110.11%0.9%
Front-End Development19 hours 20 minutes 14.17.98%1.23%
CMS Development12 hours 50 minutes 8.28.7%0.81%
Back-End Development24 hours 42 minutes 9.07.77%0.61%

Average Clients Characteristics

What is it? Demonstrate average client buyer characteristics.

NicheAverage Jobs PostedAverage Hire RateAverage Total SpentAverage Hourly Rate
Full Stack Development57.4339.44%24977 USD20.7 USD/hr
Front-End Development48.341.59%37468 USD19.18 USD/hr
CMS Development79.9145.27%13716 USD17.76 USD/hr
Back-End Development49.5148.85%30382 USD18.66 USD/hr

Clients Weekly Posting Activity

What is it? This heat map design visualizes the days of maximum posting activity by clients.

Clients Posting Activity Time

What is it? This graphic shows the times of day when clients in target geographies are most active in posting jobs.

1. United States

Time zone/zones: America/New_York, America/Chicago, America/Denver, America/Los_Angeles, America/Anchorage, Pacific/Honolulu

The best time to work with clients: 9AM - 2PM

2. Australia

Time zone/zones: Australia/Perth, Australia/Adelaide, Australia/Sydney

The best time to work with clients: 6AM - 3AM

3. United Kingdom

Time zone/zones: Europe/London

The best time to work with clients: 7PM

4. Canada

Time zone/zones: America/Vancouver, America/Edmonton, America/Winnipeg, America/Toronto, America/Halifax, America/St_Johns

The best time to work with clients: 11AM - 3PM