Upwork Competitor Research

Disclaimer: Data contained in this example does not based on statistically valid sample, and made solely for the purpose of demonstrating the end product.

Based on statistics from the research types mentioned, we aim to identify the patterns that propelled your competitors to leadership positions in their respective niches. To achieve this, we analyze a selection of leaders aligned with your area of expertise. We conduct consistent research across all freelancer competitor profiles and aggregate the metrics.

Profile: All Work

Has been at Upwork for 6 years, starting Sep 04, 2017

Number of hours worked - 1441.0

Hourly rate stats:

  • Current - 185.0 $/hr
  • Average - 150.54 $/hr
  • Min - 30.0 $/hr
  • Max - 425.0 $/hr

Number of projects:

  • Closed projects - 280
  • Open projects - 72
  • All projects - 350

Amount of earnings:

  • Closed projects - 1552540.12 $
  • Open projects - 489043.01 $
  • All projects - 2041583.13 $

Yearly progress hourly rate All Work

It allows to understand competitor hourly rate fluctuation through whole career.


Monthly revenue All Work

Decomposition of lifetime revenue monthly.

Yearly revenue All Work

Decomposition of lifetime revenue yearly.

Project costs ranges All Work

Here we can see financial ranges in which competitor was operating through all his career.

Project duration ranges All Work

Distribution of relationship length with clients. gives us ability to create assumption about competitor customers LTV.

Project involvement dynamics

Project involvement studies are designed to provide you with an understanding of your competitors' business model preferences and project bandwidth.

Fixed/Hourly relationship All Work

Number of projects monthly All Work

Number of projects yearly All Work

Profile: Presentation Design

Profile: Financial Management/CFO